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Peach Chilling Hours Requirements by Variety!

Peach Chilling Hours Requirements by Variety

Important if you want to grow your own peaches

Chilling hours are the minimum number of hours that a peach tree needs to get, specifically, nighttime temperatures between 32 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit, in order to produce a good crop of peaches.. If the hours are not met (say in a warm winter), the blossoms mostly just fall off the trees and do not set fruit. Of course... temperatures can also be TOO cold!

For other information about many peach varieties (such as ripening date, size, flavor, etc.) see this page.

Peach trees (Values listed are the hours required at or below 45°F.).  The map shows the typical chilling hours by area.  Chilling hours map for stone fruitsThe US map is the same chilling hours map you will see everywhere.  The Florida map is a breakdown for that state.  Why there appears th be a discrepancy within Florida (between the 2 maps) I have never been able to find out. Florida chilling hours

Peach Variety  Chilling Requirement
Belle of Georgia    850
Bicentennial     750
Caroline Belle    750
Contender 1050
Elberta 850
Ellerbe 850
Encore 900
Fairtime 750
Fay Elberta 750
Fayette 850
Finale 750
Flavorcrest 750
Floridacrest  350 
Florida Dawn  350 
Goldcrest 650
Goldprince 650
Halehaven 850
Hamlet 850
Harbelle 850
Jerseyglo 850
Jerseyland 850
Jerseyqueen 850
J.H. Hale 850
Loring 750
Majestic 850
Newhaven 950
Redglobe 850
Redhaven 950
Reliance 1000
Sentry 850
Shippers Late Red 850
Sunbrite 750
Sunhigh 750
Sunland 750
Sunprince 750
Surecrop 1000
Topaz 750
Troy 950
Tyler 950
UF2000 300
UF Gold 200
Velvet 950
Washington 950

Peach Varieties for warm climates

For those living in Florida, southern Texas, southern California and other warm areas, the University of Florida tells us that there are several varieties that can produce a crop in those climates. That does not mean they will do well in south Florida; they still need some cold!

  • FloridaCrest - 350 chill hours, melting-flesh, semi-clingstone peach for North Florida; .
  • FloridaDawn - 350 chill hours melting-flesh, semi-clingstone fruit.for North Florida.
  • UFGold - 200 chill hours, ripens about 80 days after blooming. Large, non-melting clingstone fruit.
  • UF2000 - 300 chill hours, moderately large size non-melting clingstone peach

Climate change impacts tells us that winters are warming across the United States, especially in February. Winter is warming at the fastest rate of all the seasons at 2.2°F per century since 1895. So, you might want to choose a peach variety that needs fewer chilling hours than you expect!

US Average temperature for February

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