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Master List of Co-Packers to Make and Package Your Food Product: Jams, Salsa, Sauces, Pickles, Cookies, Pies, cakes, whatever!

Co-Packers: Want to Sell Your Salsa, Preserves, Jams, Etc.? Learn About Using A CoPacker to Prepare It!

If you want to make and sell your home-made preserves, salsa, spaghetti sauce, applesauce, apple butter, jams, jellies, or whatever, you will need a licensed kitchen to prepare and can the food. That can be very costly.  It is usually much less expensive (and less risky) for your new business to use a CoPacker to prepare their food, according to you recipe and process.

What is a co-packer?

Co-packers manufacture and package foods for other companies to sell.  These products range from nationally-known brands to private labels.  Entrepreneurs choose to use the services of copackers for many reasons.  Copackers can provide entrepreneurs with a variety of services in addition to manufacturing and packaging products.  They can often help in the formulation of the product.  The copacker may function only as a packer of other people?s products or may be in business with his own product line.  They may be, in fact, manufacturing several competing products.  The range of services available from a copacker will vary depending on the size and experience of the copacker and the type of facilities and the capacity of their plant.

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The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT) has a listing of nearly 700 contract packaging companies (co-packers). Far too many people feel that a co-packer is a co-packer, and that any co-packer can do everything. In fact, co-packers have a variety of specific functional areas in which they excel. The following list is not all inclusive nor is it meant to serve as an endorsement.


136 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016. Phone: 800-627-3869; 212-482-6440; Fax; 212-482-6459. Contact: Heather Paul. This listing consists only of NASFT members who have indicated to the NASFT that they are co-packers. It includes the co-packer contact information, products that they co-pack, plant locations, types of packĀ­aging they use, and specialized packing equipment (such as enrobers, form-fill and seal, smokers, vacuum packaging, etc.).

Few co-packers can all of the types of products and services that may be needed:

  •  Liquid products
  • Dry products
  • Ingredient pre-blends
  • Labeling
  • Packaging service only
  • Product development/recipe conversion

Using a qualified contract packer will enable you to devote your time to management and marketing, while eliminating the enormous expense and responsibility of operating a production facility. Some will provide only the packaging, while others will help you with the entire formulation, production, packaging, and labeling process. Most offer no-cost initial consultation. Some even have marketing capability.

The following list consists of companies that have co-packing capabilities. This list is neither all-inclusive, nor is it meant to serve as an endorsement.



  • Cahill Desert Products
    3400 West Osborn Road
    Phoenix, AZ 85017
    877-224-4557; 602-627-0402; Fax: 602-627-0404
    email: [email protected];
    Product: Prickly Pear Fruit products are their specialty. Fruit of the prickly pear cactus brings a unique flavor to their products and provides health benefits in the form of antioxidants, flavonoids, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C. Private label also available.
  • Cerreta Candy Company
    5345 West Glendale Avenue
    Glendale, AZ 85301
    623-930-1000; Fax: 623-930-9085
    Email: [email protected].
    Product: almond toffee and various sugar-free confections.
  • Cheri's Desert Harvest
    1840 East Winsett Street
    Tucson, AZ 85719
  • 800-743-1141; Fax: 520-623-7741
    email: [email protected];
    Products: jellies, syrups, candies and bread mixes.

  • Cinnabar Specialty Foods
    1134 West Haining Street
    Prescott, AZ 86305
    866-293-6433; Fax: 928-778-4289
    email: [email protected];
    Product: chutneys, salsas, simmering sauces and marinades, rice and dal mixes.
  • Urban Oven
    Contact: Gene Williams
    910 South Hohokam Drive, Suite 101
    Tempe, AZ 85281
    899-770-6836; Fax: 480-921-2477
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Crackers


  • ABCO Labs
    Contact: Stephanie Stanben
    2450 South Watney Way
    Fairfield, CA 94533
    email: [email protected].
    Product: 500-1,000 lbs. runs
  • Adrienne's Gourmet Foods
    849 Ward Street
    Santa Barbara, CA 93111
    805-964-6848; Fax: 805-964-8698
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Oven baked crackers and Tuscan crackers.
  • Ajmera Innovations
    1181 South Country Glen Way
    Anaheim Hills, CA 92808
    866-860-3671; 714-783-7542
    email: [email protected].
     Products: Organic/Natural, Vegetarian, Tea, Ready to drink coffee, tea, concentrates and powders.
  • American Natural & Organic Spices, Inc.
    30508 Union City Boulevard, P. O. Box 7
    Union City, CA 94587
    510-477-4787; Fax: 510-477-0807
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Kosher/Organic/Natural Extracts, Herbs and Spices.
  • Bakehouse Foods
    2270 Camino Vida Roble, #U
    Carlsbad, CA 92009
    877-228-6385; Fax: 760-607-6704
    email: [email protected].
    Product: meringue cookies.
  • Bee International
    211 Boswell Road, Suite 5
    Chula Vista, CA 91914
    800-421-6465, 619-710-1822; Fax: 619-710-1822
    Product: seasonal candy offerings in tins and display.
  • Belfiore Cheese Company
    2031- A Second Street
    Berkeley, CA 94710
    510-540-5500; Fax: 510-540-5594
    email: [email protected]
    Product: all varieties of fresh cheeses with no additives or preservatives and Indian paneer.
  • Bella Viva Orchards
    3019 Quincy Road
    Denair, CA 95316
    800-552-8218, 209-883-4146;
    Product: dried fruits and nuts, trail mix and chocolate covered fruits and nuts.
  • Bell-Carter Packaging
    2200 Lapham Drive
    Modesto, CA 95354
    209-549-5939; Fax: 209-549-5944
    email: [email protected].
    Product: complete range of station packaging and assembly line services.
  • Biscotti Nucci
    2310 Laurel, Suite 4
    P. O. Box 1443
    520 California Blvd.
    Napa, CA 94559
    866-858-5842, 707-224-2360; Fax: 707-224-5342
    email: [email protected].
    Products: toffee, biscotti and commercial kitchen rental.
  • Blossom Valley Foods
    20 Casey Street
    Gilroy, CA 95020-4539
    408-848-5520; Fax: 408-848-1249
    email: [email protected];
    Products: non-alcoholic cocktail mixers, vinegars, organic and all natural sauces dressings and hot sauces.
  • Busetto Foods
    1090 West Church Street
    Fresno, CA 93706
    Products: salami and meats.
  • Caffe Classico Foods LLC
    3000 Executive Parkway, Suite 450
    San Ramon, CA 94583
    925-602-5400; Fax: 925-498-6400
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Organic/Natural, Other Baking Mixes and Ingredients, Ice Cream, Sorbets and Dessert Toppings.
  • Caffe D'Amore, Inc.
    1107 South Mountain Avenue
    Monrovia, CA 91016
    800-999-0171; 626-792-9146; Fax: 626-932-0152
    email: [email protected]:
    Products: Kosher/Organic/Natural Baking mixes, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Tea.
  • Capay Canyon Ranch
    Leslie or Stan Barth
    PO Box 508
    Esparto, CA 95627
    530-662-2372; Fax: 530-662-2306
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Tomatoes (dried), table grapes, almonds & walnuts
  • Carol Hall's Hot Pepper Jelly Company
    890 Franklin Street
    Fort Bragg, CA 95437
    866-737-7379, 707-961-1899: Fax: 707-961-0879
    email: [email protected].
    Products: jams and jellies.
  • Cascade Continental Foods
    1089 Essex Avenue
    Richmond, CA 94801
    510-232-3103; Fax: 510-232-5009
    Product: Packaging lines for liquid and dry food products.
  • Ceylon Teas Inc.
    310 North Palm Avenue, Suite B
    Brea, CA 92821
    email: [email protected].
    Product: premium teas.
  • Charlotte's Confections
    1395 El Camino Real
    Milbrae, CA 94030
    800-798-2427, 650-589-1417; Fax: 650-589-1923
    email: [email protected];
    Product: premium quality confections.
  • Day-Lee Foods, Inc.
    Contact: Dan Van Gompel
    13055 East Molette Street
    Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
    562-802-6800; 800-329-5331; Fax: 562-926-8630
  • E. Waldo Ward & Son
    Richard and Jeff Ward
    273 E. Highland Avenue
    Sierra Madre, CA 91024
    email: [email protected].
    Products: Wet Products, jams, jellies, marmalades and sauces.
  • Esco Foods, Inc.
    Contact: Marc Bosschart
    1035 Howard Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    Products: syrups, toppings, salad dressings, marinades, BBQ sauce, flavors, extracts in glass, plastic, paper.
  • Food Imagineering
    Contact: Garry Sullivan, CEO
    27 Los Flores Avenue
    South San Francisco, CA 94080-2237
    650-483-7447; Fax: 650-583-3663
    email: [email protected].
  • Garry Packing, Inc.
    Contact: James Garry
    11272 East Central Avenue, PO Box 249
    Del Rey, CA 93616
    800-248-2126; 559-888-2126; Fax: 559-888-2848
    email: [email protected].
    Products: Kosher, other chocolate, dried fruit.
  • Golden West Specialty Foods, Inc.
    Contact: Lawrence Ames
    1201 Montgomery Avenue
    San Bruno, CA 94066
    800-584-4481; 650-553-9327; Fax: 650-553-9423
    email: [email protected].
    Products: Full-line of condiments, BBQ sauce, ethnic sauces, marinades and rubs.
  • Linda's Gourmet Latkes
    Contact: Linda Housberg
    7245 Canby Avenue
    Reseda, CA 91335
    818-705-2364; 818-705-2537
    email: [email protected]
  • Mad Will's Food Company
    Contact: Tim Sullivan, Director of Product Division
    2043 Airpark Court, Suite 30
    Auburn, CA 65602
    630-823-8527; Fax: 530-823-1756
    email: [email protected].
  • Miss Scarlett, Division of Rhett, Inc.
    PO Box 1488
    Burlingame, CA 94011
    800-345-673-4650; Fax: 650-340-9680
    email: [email protected].
    Products: Hors d'oeuvres/Appetizers, Olives, Pickles & Pickled Vegetables.
  • Moon Shine Trading Company
    Contact: Ishai Zeldner
    1250A Harter Avenue
    Woodland, CA 95776
    email: [email protected].
    Product: Varietal honeys, honey fruit spreads, select nut butters, Honey in the Straw. Co-packing (cold pack only), private labe 
  • Old California Sourdough
    Contact: Larry Greene
    25613 Dollar Street, Suite 14
    Hayward, CA 94544
    510-886-2555; Fax: 510-886-0649
    email: [email protected].
    Product: Specializes in formulation of dry products-small runs up to 50 lbs.
  • Ramar Foods International Inc.
    Contact: PJ Quesada
    1101 Railroad Lane
    Pittsburg, CA 94596
    925-439-9009; 800-660-0962; Fax: 925-439-9242
    email: [email protected].
    Products: USDA, Juice/Cider, Hors d'oeuvres/Appetizers, Ice Cream/Sorbet and other frozen.
  • Santini Foods, Inc.
    Contact: Roger Tan, Ph.D.
    16505 Worthley Drive
    San Lorenzo, CA 94580
    510-317-8888; Fax: 510-317-8343
    email: [email protected].
    Products: Only West Coast sweetened condensed milk producer. Manufactures syrups & dressings; packs varieties of vegetable oils for US & Mexico; importer & distributor of Italian olive oil & Italian gourmet food products for more than 15 years.
  • Schenone Specialty Foods, Inc.
    P. O. Box 730
    Clements, CA 95227
    800-760-2462; 209-759-3340; Fax: 209-759-3350
    email: [email protected].
    Products: Sugar-Free, Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Bars, Dessert Toppings.
  • Sona & Hollen
    3712 Cerritos Avenue.
    Los Alamitos, CA 90720
    310-431-1379; Fax: 314-598-6207
    Products: Tomatoes and other wet food products.
  • Sonoma Gourmet
    21787 8th Street East
    Sonoma, CA 95476
    707-939-3700; Fax: 707-939-3730
    email: [email protected].
    Products: Wet food products. Minimum run 300-400 cases. FDA certified for pH and non-pH-controlled products. Nutritional labeling and product development.
  • SupHerb Farms
    300 Diane Drive
    Turlock, CA 95380
    209-633-3600; 800-SUPHERB; Fax: 209-633-3644
    Email: [email protected].
    Products: Fresh Frozen Culinary Herbs, Specialty Vegetables and Fusions, Blends, Pastes and Purees
  • Timber Crest Farms
    4791 Dry Creek Road
    Healdsburg, CA 95448
    888-374-9325, 707-433-8251; Fax: 707-433-8255
    email: [email protected].
    Product: Licensed FDA high acid & low acid cannery canning in glass. Also form & fill machines & lines to pack 3 oz. up to 5 lbs. in flex packaging. Food technicians on staff for product development.
  • Triple H Food Processors
    Contact: Tom Harris
    5821 Wilderness
    Riverside, CA 92504
    909-352-5700; Fax: 951-352-5710
    email: [email protected].
    Product: multi-use co-packer.
  • Valley Fig Growers
    Contact: Linda Cain
    2028 South Third Street
    Fresno, CA 93702
    559-237-3893559 ext 106; Fax: 559-237-3898
    email: [email protected].
    Products: Gluten-free, Kosher, Organic/Natural, Other Baking Mixes and Ingredients, Balsamic Vinegar and Dried Fruits.
  • Wine Country Kitchens
    Contacts: Brian Witbracht or John McIntosh
    511 Alexis Court
    Napa, CA 94558
    email: [email protected].
    Product: dipping oils and vinegars. Hot & cold fill co-packer, specializing in private label, product development from recipe to market, storage and distribution; fully licensed & insured, small minimum runs.


  • Art Coco Chocolate Company
    2660 Walnut Street
    Denver, CO 80205
    303-292-6364; Fax: 303-292-6365.
    Product: premium custom molded chocolate.
  • Colorado Mountain Jam
    3573 G Road
    Palisade, CO 81526
    email: [email protected].
    Products: Kosher, Organic/Natural Condiments, Dessert Toppings, jams and jellies.
  • Epicurean Butter
    Contact: Janey Hubschman
    9355 Elm Court
    Federal Heights, CO 80260
    720-261-8175; Fax: 303-254-5381
    email: [email protected].
    Products: Other condiments, butter, other sauces, seasonings and cooking enhancers.


  • Ariston Specialties, LLC
    200 Myrtle Street
    New Britain, CT 06053
    860-224-7184; Fax: 860-726-1263
    email: aristonspeci[email protected].
    Products: Organic/Natural Salad Dressing, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.
  • Gourmet Products, Inc.
    283 Reynolds Bridge Road
    Thomason, CT 06787
    860-283-5147; Fax: 860-283-6912
    Products: Glass packaging for acidified, hot & cold pack, vacuum pac, mustard, sauces and relishes. Kosher.
  • Lynard Company
    15 Maple Tree Ave
    Stamford, CT 06906
    203-323-0231; Fax: 203-323-0231
    Products: packaged foods, popcorn, pretzels, candy.
  • Onofrio's Ultimate Foods
    35 Wheeler Street
    New Haven, CT 06512
    203-469-4014; Fax: 203-469-4019
    Products: Sauces (chunky and smooth) and marinades.
  • Palmieri Food Products, Inc.
    145 Hamilton Street
    New Haven, CT 06511
    800-845-5447, 203- 624-0042; Fax: 203-782-6435
    email: [email protected]
    Products: Glass & Refrigerated: Sauces with meat, salsa and horseradish.
  • Redco Foods Inc.
    Contact: Rob Cassie
    100 Northfield Drive
    Windsor, CT 06095
    860-688-2121; Fax: 860-688-7844
    Products: Gluten-free, Kosher Organic/Natural, Other Baking Mixes and Ingredients, Tea.

District of Columbia

  • Doci Gelati LLC
    5766 2nd Street NE
    Washington, DC 20011-2524
    202-257-5323; Fax: 202-526-8064
    email: [email protected].
    Products: Frozen desserts, ice cream/sorbets


  • All Wrapped Up
    Contact: Pam Schwimmer
    3714 Northwest 16th Street
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311
    800-891-2194; 954-587-2111; Fax: 954-587-2144
    email: [email protected].
    Products: Chocolate, other candy and snacks and specialty food packaging.
  • Endorphin Farms, Inc.
    Contact: Michelle Fehr
    3255 Parker Drive
    St. Augustine, FL 32084
    904-824-2006; Fax: 904-429-0091
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Endorphin Farms has been co-packing sauces successfully since 1996, and remains committed to providing fast, reliable and quality service for our customers. Because they do not manufacture our own products, you can be assured of their commitment to you as the customer. Our minimums are 300 cases of bottles (12 pack) or 36 cases of gallons (4-pack).
  • IPAC Inc. (International Packaging of Authentic Cuisine)
    Contact: Paul Adamission
    1270 Belle Avenue, Unit 115
    Winter Springs, FL 32708
    407-699-7507; Fax: 407-699-7548. Email: [email protected]
    Products: Pourable sauces, dressings and soups-hot or cold.
  • Island Grove Food & Packaging LLC
    Contact: Debbie Ingling
    Deland, FL 32724
    800-243-3877; 386-734-3029
    Email: [email protected]
  • Paca Foods
    5212 Cone Road
    Tampa, FL 33610
    800-338-7419, 813-628-8228; Fax: 813-628-8426
    Products: dry blended food products.
  • Stage Coach Sauces
    3829 Reid Street
    Palatka, FL 32177
    386-328-6330: email: [email protected].
    Products: contract bottling and package of pourable liquids.
  • Sunny Flavors
    Contact: Debbie Ingling
    813 Flightline Blvd., Unit 8
    Deland, FL 32724
    800-243-3877, 386-734-3029
    email: [email protected].
    Products: Hot sauces, BBQ sauces, salad dressings, co-pack and private label.
  • Williams & Bennett Fine Foods
    Contact: Becky Gardner
    2885 South Congress Avenue, Suite A
    Delray Beach, FL 33445
    561-276-9007; email:[email protected].
    Products: Cookies, Chocolate Bars, Other Chocolate, Other Candy and Pretzels.
  • Z Natural Foods -
    5407 North Haverhill Rd Ste 336,
    West Palm Beach, Florida 33407
    Shaun L at Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 888-963-6637 Direct .
    Alternate phone: 561-242-1880 Local .
    Fax: 561-290-1509.
    Social Media: Click here for a link to our Facebook page. or Google+: or Twitter.  or LinkedIn. YouTubePinterest. We are a Co-packing company with Organic and Kosher products. Z Natural Foods is dedicated to bringing you the finest quality in hard-to-find whole, all natural and organic foods. We offer Fresh, High Quality, Raw Ingredients. Plus, Packaging and Private Labelling, Custom & Proprietary Blends & Bulk and Custom Blends.


  • Blackberry Patch
    P. O. Box 1639
    Thomasville, GA 31799
    Products: jams, jellies, maple pralines and apple pie syrups.
  • Culinary Solutions
    Contact: Michael Brown
    6815 Shiloh East, Suite A4
    Alpharetta, GA 30005
    404-734-806; Fax: 404-795-9165
    email: [email protected]
    Product: Cold fill only: cheese dips, salsa, flavored butters and hot sauces.
  • Dillon Candy Company
    19927 Highway 84 East
    Boston, GA 31626
    600-382-8338, 229-498-2051; Fax: 229-498-2201
    email: [email protected]
  • Sisters Gourmet, Inc.
    Contact: Rob Sorensen
    P. O. Box 1550
    Dacula, GA 30019
    770-338-1388: Fax: 770-338-1267
    email: [email protected].
    Products: Organic/Natural Baking Mixes, Other Baking Mixes and Ingredients.
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  • Kernel Season's LLC
    Contact: Jean Doyle
    2401 East Devon Avenue
    Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
    773-292-4567; Fax: 773-326-0869
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Gluten-free, Kosher, Organic/Natural popcorn and Other Oils
  • Food Blends
    1208 North Swift Road
    Addison, IL 60101
    630-678-5300; Fax: 630-678-5311
    email: [email protected];
    Products: dry ingredients blending
  • Van Drunen Farms
    300 West 6th Street
    Momence, IL 60954
    815-472-3100; Fax: 815-472-3850
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) herbs and vegetables


  • Food Specialties, Inc.
    Contact: Jim Bradshaw, General Manager
    1727 Expo Lane
    Indianapolis, IN 46214
    317-271-0862; Fax: 317-271-1148
    email: [email protected]. In business since 1941, Food Specialties Inc. is a high acid food manufacturer and co-packer. They specialize in the production of barbeque sauces, hot sauces, marinades, pasta sauces, dressings, and various other products. Focus is on the food service industry and they currently pack in gallons and pails. In addition, Food Specialties, Inc. does retail packing for many small food entrepreneurs.


    Dutchland Frozen Foods
    Contact: Stan Warner
    205 North Maine
    Lester, IA 51242-7701
    888-497-7243; 712-478-4349; Fax: 712-478-4554
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Kosher, Organic/Natural Cakes and Pastries, Frozen Baked Goods and Appetizers
  • Palmer Candy Company
    311 Bluff Street
    Sioux City, IA 51106
    Products: full line of confections and nutmeats.


  • Old World Spices & Seasonings, Inc.
    Contact: Kathy Wheat
    5320 College Blvd.
    Overland Park, KS 66211
    816-861-0400; Fax: 816-861-7073
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Kosher, Organic/Natural, Baking Mixes, Salsa/Dips, Soups/Broths, Other Sauces, Seasonings and Cooking Enhancers
  • The Pantry Shelf
    1616 Nickerson Blvd
    Hutchison, KS 67051
    Products: cake mix, muffin mix, brownie mix.



  • Boscoli Foods
    2254 Greenwood Street
    Kenner, LA 70062
    504-469-5500; Fax: 504-469-5548
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Full-line Condiments and Oils.
  • Louisiana Gourmet Enterprises
    222 South Hollywood Road
    Houma, LA 70360
    Products: spices, spice blends, soups, sauces, cakes and frosting mixes.
  • Sal and Judy's Products
    Contact: Myrna Carroll
    501 J. L. Smith Avenue
    Slidell, LA 70460
    985-641-1285; Fax: 985-641-1258
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Salad Dressing, Olive Oil, BBQ Sauce and Pasta Sauce.


  • G. M. Allen
    P. O. Pox 454
    Blue Hill, ME 04614
    Products: Cans & Frozen Blueberries.
  • Hockomock Bottling Company, Inc.
    Contact: Suzie Barton
    P. O. Box 180
    Bremen, ME 04614
    email: [email protected]
    Products: High acid foods, cold and hot pack and dry mixes.
  • A. M. Look Canning Company
    HC74, Box 165
    Whiting, ME 04691
    Products: Beans, seafood, soups and chowders; low acid.
  • Longmeadow Foods
    32 Lewiston Road, Bldg. 1B
    Gray, ME 04039-7536
    Product: desserts, sauces, toppings and treats.
  • Portland Shellfish Company
    110 Dartmouth Street
    Portland, ME 04106-6210
    Products: Refrigerated & frozen seafood.
  • Stonewall Kitchens
    2 Stonewall Lane
    York, ME 03909
    Products: Sauces and preserves.
  • W. S. Wells & Son
    P. O. Box 109
    Wilton, ME 04294
    Products: Canned beans and greens.


  • J. V. Gokal & Co., P. LTD.
    Contact: Dev Menon
    204 King Farm Road
    Rockville, MD 20850
    240-812-2039; Fax: 310-330-4512
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Organic/Natural Tea, Ready to Drink Coffee, Tea, Concentrates and Powders.
  • Mama Vida, Inc.
    Contact: Nila Mechali
    9631 Liberty Road, Suite N
    Randallstown, MD 21133
    410-521-0742; Fax: 410-521-0785
    Product: Chutney/Relish, Salad Dressing, Salsa/Dips, Tapanades, Marinades and Pasta Sauces.
    email:[email protected];
  • Mid Atlantic Foods
    1842 Broad Street
    Pocomoke City, MD 21851-3354
    410-957-4100; Fax: 410-957-1077
    Products: Meat and poultry products.
  • Tulkoff Food Products, Inc.
    Contact: Michael S. Tulkoff, Director of Specialty Sales
    2301 Chesapeake Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21222
    800-638-7343; 410-327-6585; Fax: 410-327-7033
    email: [email protected];
    Focus: This firm does not work with start-up companies. Their target customer is
    someone who wants high quality, food safety, attention to detail and responsiveness (GFSI SQF and BRC certified)
    -Those seeking to step up in quality for their existing business
    -Those who have outgrown their present packer
    -A firm which may be able to utilize our bi-coastal manufacturing plants, although not necessarily
    -An "intermediate sized" firm using approximately 8,000-16,000 gallons annually of products
    -Users of cold or hot fill condiments, dressings, sauces, et al.


  • Angy's Food Products, Inc.
    77 Servicestar Way
    Westfield, MA 01805-5600
    Products: Frozen/Pasta.
  • Ashley Food Company, Inc.
    P. O. Box 912
    Sudbury, MA 01776
    800-61-SAUCE , 978-579-8989; Fax: 978-579-8989
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Sauces and condiments.
  • Bake & Joy Foods, Inc.
    351 Willow Street, South
    Andover, MA 01845-5921
    Products: Frozen bread dough, pastry, cake and fillings.
  • Cutone Specialty Foods, Inc.
    Contact: Lenny Proc
    145 Market Street
    Chelsea, MA 02150
    617-889-1122; Fax: 617-884-3944
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Canned or Preserved Vegetables/Fruits, Pickles and Pickled Vegetables, Private Label.
  • Dimitria Delights, Inc.
    81 Creeper Hill Road
    North Grafton, MA 01536
    Products: Sweetbread, puff pastry dough and bakery products.
  • Emerald Bay, Inc.
    P. O. Box 932
    North Falmouth, MA 02556
    Products: Frozen Seafood.
  • Hans Kissle, Co.
    330 Ballardvale Street
    Wilmington, MA 01887
    Products: Refrigerated coleslaw and salads
  • IQF Custom Packing, Inc.
    Contact: Russell Young
    140 Waldron Road
    Fall River, MA 02720
    508-646-4044; Fax: 904-824-4014
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Frozen fish and ebtrees, frozen co-packing facility near New Bedford,MA. Storage and shipping also available.Test runs.
  • Plenus Group, Inc.
    Contact: Jennifer Jolly
    101 Phoenix Avenue
    Lowell, MA 01852
    978-970-3832: Fax: 978-441-2528
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Frozen soups, sauces and chowders.
  • Sauces 'N Love, Inc.
    Contact: Paolo Volpati-Kedra
    86 Sanderson Avenue
    Lynn, MA 01902
    781-595-7771; 866-7-SAUCES; Fax: 781-595-7799
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Gluten-Free, Organic/Natural, Vegetarian, Pesto, Other Sauces, Seasonings and Cooking Enhancers, Pasta Sauce, Dessert Toppings.
  • Springfield Smoked Fish Company
    150 Switzer Avenue
    Springfield, MA 01109
    413-737-8693; Fax: 413-747-7360
    Products: Seafood, spreads and salads. Kosher.
  • Venus Wafers, Inc.
    Contact: Michael Thompson
    100 Research Road
    Hingham, MA 02043
    781-740-1002; Fax: 781-740-0791
    email:[email protected];
    Products: Crackers, flatbreads, natural and organic, certified Kosher and Non-GMO.


  • American Spoon Foods
    P. O. Box 566
    1668 Clarion Avenue
    Petoskey, MI 49770-0556
    616-347-9030: Fax: 800-647-2512;
    Products: preserves, salsa, sauces, condiments.
  • Food For Thought, Inc.
    Contact: Timothy Young
    10704 Oviatt Road
    Honor, MI 49640
    Products: Hot and cold pack glass and plastic bottling focusing on fruit preserves, sauces, BBQ and salsa, dressings and juice concentrates. Certified Organic.
  • Lesley Elizabeth, Inc.
    Contact: Gary Bates, National Sales Manager
    877 Whitney Drive
    Lapeer, MI 48446
    800-684-3300; 810-667-0706; Fax: 810-667-7287
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Other Condiments and Oils, Balsamic Vinegar, Other Grains, Cereal and Pasta, Beans, Seasonings and Cooking Enhancers
  • Lesley Elizabeth, Inc. co-packing and custom production packaging is limited to dry seasoning blends, spices and rubs in glass and plastic (PET) jars. They also package oils, vinegars and a combination of oil and vinegar with the addition of a dry seasoning blend.
  • The Starting Block
    Contact: Jane Dosemagen
    1535 Industrial Park Drive
    Hart, MI 49432
    231-873-1432; Fax: 231-873-1458
    email: [email protected]
  • Traverse Bay Farms
    Contact: Andy LaPointe
    P. O. Box 1229, 7053 M-88 South
    Bellaire, MI 49615
    231-533-8788; Fax: 231-676-0453
    Products: Fruit, gourmet and garden salads.


  • FunkyChunky Inc,
    Contact: Tore Villberg
    7452 West 87th Street
    Edina, MN 55439
    888-473-8659; 952-938-6663; Fax: 952-938-2294
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Kosher and other chocolate and candy, other snacks, Popcorn and Pretzels.
  • G. E. F. Gourmet Foods
    35584 Country Road 8
    Mountain Lake, MN 56159
    800-692-6762, 507-427-2631; Fax: 507-427-2631
    email:[email protected];
    Products: Organic flour, cereal and mixes.


  • Indianola Pecan House, Inc.
    1013 Highway 82 East
    Indianola, MS 38751
    800-541-6252; 662-887-5420; Fax: 662-887-2906
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Sugar-free, other Chocolate, nuts and other Snacks.
  • Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory, Inc.
    Contact: Hunter Yerger
    342-South Mound Street
    Yazoo City, MS 39194
    800-530-7496; 662-746-7171; Fax: 662-746-7162
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Bread/Biscuits, Cakes/Pastries, Cookies and Other Baked Goods, Hors d'oeuvres and Appetizers.
  • Mississippi Gourmet
    222 Crystal Creek
    Hattiesburg, MS 39402
    Products: cheese straws, cookies.


  • The Chocolate Lady
    860 Louisiana
    St. Louis, MO 63118
    Products: chocolate snack food, candy, popcorn.
  • Red Monkey Foods
    Contact: Jeff Brinkhoff
    1206 East Industrial Park Drive
    Mount Vernon, MO 65712
    417-466-9109: Fax: 314-754-9755
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Full-line Spices, Herbs, Other Sauces, Seasonings and Cooking Enhancers and Rubs.


  • West Fork Creations
    1401 South Broadway
    Red Lodge, MT 59068
    Products: chocolate sauces.


  • Wanda's Nature Farm Foods
    1700 Cushman Drive
    Lincoln, NE 68512
    800-735-6828; 402-423-1234; Fax: 402-423-4586;
    Products: bakery mixes.


New Hampshire

  • Lynch Specialty Foods, Inc.
    Contact: Robert S. Lynch
    66 Baer Road
    Rollinsford, NH 03869
    603-978-649; Fax: 603-509-2402 Cell: 603-767-0435
    email: [email protected];
    Product: Premium private-label baking mix developer, manufacturer and distributor with 30 years of experience. All-Natural, Gluten Free, Organic and/or Premium Artisan Bread, Brownie, Cookie, Cupcake, Layer Cake, Muffin, Pancake, Waffle, Quick Breads and Scone Mixes.

New Jersey

  • Allstate Can Corporation
    One Wood Hollow Road
    Parsippany, NJ 07054
    973-560-9030; Fax: 973-560-9217
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Accessories/Supplies and Specialty Food Packaging.
  • Capalbo's Gift Baskets
    Contact: Chet Prosperi
    339 Passaic Avenue
    Nutley, NJ 07110
    800-252-6262; 201-806-3943; Fax: 973-806-3932
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Chocolate and other Candy, Vegetables and Fruit.
  • Caesar's Organic Pasta
    Contact: Ron Lodato, Sr.
    1001 Lower Landing road
    Blackwood, NJ 08012-3105
    888-43 CAESAR; 856-227-2585; Fax: 856-227-1910
    email: [email protected];
  • IAM International, Inc.
    Contact: Neera Tulshian
    4 Saddle Ridge Drive
    Lebanon, NJ 08833
    908-713-9651; Fax: 908-713-9751
    email: [email protected];
    Product: Sauces, condiments and baked items.
  • International Spice
    310 Ward Avenue, Suite 8
    Bordentown, NJ 08505
    Products: Packaging and private labeling of custom dry spice blends.
  • Rajbhog Foods
    Contact: Suzy Mody
    60 Amith Street
    Jersey City, NJ 07304
    201-395-9400: Fax: 201-395-9409
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Organic/Natural, USDA, Full-line Frozen, Hors d'oeuvres, Appetizers, Ice Cream/Sorbet.
  • Traiture de Paris
    Contact: Alex Hubert
    66 Willow Avenue, 2nd Floor
    Hoboken, NJ 07030
    800-883-8758; 201-484-8085; Fax: 201-484-8222
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Frozen Desserts, Frozen Vegetables, Hors d'oeuvres and Appetizers.

New Mexico

New York

  • Accord Foods, Inc.
    Contact: Wyman Chor
    961 Lyell Avenue, Bldg. 4
    Rochester, NY 14606
    585-436-3668; Fax: 585-436-1737
    Products: Acid, acidified and water activity controlled sauces.
  • Arbor Hill Grapery
    Contact: John Brahm
    6259 Hawks Road
    Naples, NY 14512
    585-374-5817; Fax: 585-374-9198
    Products: Formulated acid and acidified sauces, dressing and preserves.
  • Casa Visco Finer Foods
    Contact: Joseph Viscusi
    819 Kings Road
    Schenectady, NY 12303
    518-377-8814; Fax: 518-377-8269
    Products: All natural tomato sauces, marinades and mustards, mushrooms, onions and orange sections.
  • Chef Argent Foods, Inc.
    Contact: Felix Endico
    215 North MacQuestern Parkway
    Mt. Vernon, NY 10550
    914-699-1320; Fax: 914-699-1372
    Products: Plastic jars: dressings, horseradish, mustard, spreads, salad oil, sauces and vinegar.
  • Dave West Indian Imports, Inc.
    Contact: Dave Narine
    9807 97th Avenue
    Ozone Park, NY 11416
    718-323-1200; Fax: 718-323-2041
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Crackers, Water, Soft Drinks, Other Chocolate, Hard Candy, Spices and Full-line Seafood.
  • Giovanni Food Company, Inc.
    Contact: Louis Dement
    114 West Oneida Street
    Oswego, NY 13126
    315-342-3451; Fax: 315-342-9276
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Primarily tomato based sauces, Kosher, organic and gluten free.
  • Golden Glow Cookie Company Inc.
    Contact: Sal Florio
    1844 Givan Avenue
    Bronx, NY 10469
    718-379-6223; Fax: 718-379-4417
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Kosher, Sugar-Free Baking Products.
  • Good Groceries
    Contact: Mark Sokoloff
    14 20th Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11232
    347-853-7462; Fax: 718-768-0932
    email:[email protected];
    Products: Organic/Natural Crackers, Granola, Chips, Puffed Snacks and Pet Food.
  • Glen Industries
    203 12th Street
    Watkins Glen, NY 14891
    607-535-6934; Fax: 607 535-2666
    email: [email protected]
    Products: Plastic or glass jars for dressings, horseradish, mustard, spreads, salad oil, sauces, vinegar (hot and cold fill).
  • Gold Pure Food Products Company, Inc.
    Contact: Steven Gold
    1 Brooklyn Road
    Hempstead, NY 11550
    516-483-5600; Fax: 516-483-5798
    Products: Glass and plastic for horseradish, mustards and sauces.
  • Good Groceries
    Contact: Marty Sokoloff
    98 4th Street, Suite 107
    Brooklyn, NY 11231
    347-853-7462; Fax: 718-768-0932
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Gluten-Free, Organic/Natural. Crackers, other grains, Cereal and Pasta, other snacks.
  • Hudson Valley Food Works
    Contact: Mike Perez, Operations Manager
    372 Main Street
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
    845-891-8358; Fax: 845-471-9479
    Products: Wet kitchen and bottling room, Kosher.
  • Jet's LeFrois Foods Corporation
    Contact: Duncan Tsay
    56 High Street
    Brockport, NY 14420
    585-637-5003; Fax: 585-637-2855
    Products: Glass and Plastic jars for sauces, vinegars and BBQ sauces.
  • Madelaine Chocolate Company
    Contact: Joan Sweeting
    96-03 Beach Channel Drive
    Rockaway Beach, NY 11693
    800-322-1505; 718-945-1500; Fax: 718-318-4607
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Functional (antioxidants) Kosher, Organic/Natural, Sugar Free and Full-line Chocolate.
  • Martin Bulk Foods & Homemade Products
    Contact: Eli Martin
    4894 John Green Road
    Dundee, NY 14837
    Products: Glass packing for acidified fruits, vegetables and sauces.
  • Nelson Farms at Morrisville State College
    Contacts: Dave or Sue Evans
    3261 Route 20
    Cazenovia, NY 13035
    315-655-8831; Fax: 315-655-8847
    email: [email protected]; or [email protected];
    Products: Nelson Farms provides entrepreneurial agri-business opportunities for specialty food processors, farmers, growers and producers. They will work with clients on processing/co-packing, product development, dairy incubator, distribution, marketing, training and sales.
  • Once Again Nut Butter
    Contact: Steve Zoller
    P. O. Box 429
    Nunda, NY 14517-0429
    585-468-2535; Fax: 585-468-5995
    Products: Glass or pails of honey and nut butters.
  • Permac Enterprises Inc.
    Contact: Tony Perry or Jamie Lloyd
    83 South Lake Road
    Bergen, NY 14416
    585-494-0070; Fax: 585-494-0070
    email:[email protected]
    Products: Glass, meat products R&D, pH testing, thermal processing, formulated acid and acidified sauces.
  • Pelicano's Specialty Foods
    Contact: Mario Pellicano
    125 Reading Street
    Buffalo, NY 14220
    716-822-2366; Fax: 716-822-1690
    Products: Formulated acid and low water activity sauces and dressings.
  • Private Label Foods
    Contact: Frank Lavorato
    P. O. Box 60805
    Rochester, NY 14606
    585-254-9205; Fax: 585-254-0186
    Products: Glass or plastic jars for sauce, vinegar and BBQ sauces.
  • Russo's Gluten Free Gourmet
    45 Ramsey Road Unit 28
    Shirley, NY 11967
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Gluten free mozzarella sticks, french bread, breadcrumbs, tiramisu.
  • Saratoga Garlic
    Contact: Bill Higgins
    3 Gailor Lane
    Sarasota Springs, NY 12866
    Products: Garlic
  • Schoolhouse Preserves
    Contact: Steve Lanza
    1055 County Highway One
    Mt. Upton, NY 13809
    Products: Acid and acidified sauces and preserves.
  • Sunrise Packaging Group, Inc.
    Contact: Margo Kobler
    94 Nancy Street
    West Babylon, NY 11704
    877-786-3181; 631-491-9070; Fax: 631-491-4324
    email: [email protected];
  • Travel Chocolate LLC
    Contact: John Rossini
    69-20 66th Road
    Middle Village, NY11379
    718-841-7030; Fax: 718-841-7030
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Fair Trade, Organic/Natural Chocolate Bars, Full-line Chocolate and Toffee.
  • United Olive Oil Import Corp.
    Contact: Dario Luparello
    139 Fulton Street, Suite 314
    New York, NY 10038
    212-346-0942; Fax: 212-504-3297
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Olive Oil, other oils, and Olives.
  • Ventre Packing Company, Inc.
    Contact: John Ventre, Jr.
    6050 Court Street Road
    Syracuse, NY 13206
    315-463-2384; Fax: 315-463-5897
    Products: Canned Glass tomatoes, catsup, sauces, salsa dips and organic products.

North Carolina

North Dakota

  • Flax USA
    1661 7th Street Northeast
    Goodrich, ND 58444
    866-352-9872; 701-884-2732; Fax: 701-884-2434
    email:[email protected];
    Products: Gluten-free, Kosher, Organic/Natural and Other Grains, Cereal and Pasta.


  • Signature Sauces
    Made for Chefs by Chefs
    7169 E. Pleasant Valley Road
    Independence, OH 44131
    216-642-4605; Fax: 216-642-7331
    email: [email protected];
  • Martinez Food Products, LLC
    1220 Belmont Avenue
    Toledo, OH 43607
    866-293-5477, 419-720-6973
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Natural salsa, Roasted Garlic and Roasted Vegetables.
  • Waggoner Chocolates
    Contact: Joe Waggoner
    1281 South Main Street
    North Canton, OH 44720
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Kosher, Cookies, Full-line Chocolate, Full-line Candy and Other Candy.
  • Woeber Mustard Mfg. Co.
    Contact: Rick Schmidt
    1966 Commerce Circle
    Springfield, OH 45504
    800-548-2929; 937-323-6281; Fax: 937-323-1679
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Kosher, Other Lifestyle Mustards and Condiments, Vinegar.


  • The Tao of Tea
    3430 Southeast Belmont Street
    Portland, OR 97214
    503-736-0198; Fax: 503-736-9232
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Fair Trade, Kosher, Organic/Natural. Tea, Full-Line Hot Beverages, Ready to Drink coffee, tea, concentrates and powders.


  • Gertrude Hawk Chocolates
    9 Keystone Park
    Dunmore, PA 18512
    800-706-6275; Fax: 570-342-0266
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Sugar-Free Cocoa/Baking Chocolate, Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Truffles and Other Candy.
  • Allen Wertz Candies
    718 Cumberland Street
    Lebanon, PA 17042
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Hand-made chocolates, creams and truffles, Caramel Corn and Opera Fudge.
  • Beanies of Lancaster
    2316 Norman Road
    Lancaster, PA 17601
    800-335-6663; 717-397-9578; Fax: 717-397-0941
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Quality jams, spreads and sauces.
  • Dutch Gold Honey, Inc.
    2220 Dutch Gold Drive
    Lancaster, PA 17601
    717-393-1716; Fax: 717-393-8687
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Kosher, Organic/Natural Honey and Maple Syrup.
  • ICC Foods, Inc.
    3612 East Newport Road
    Intercourse, PA 17534
    888-527-0061, 717-768-0206; Fax: 717-768-0412
  • Palace Foods, Inc.
    100 Cleveland Avenue
    Reading, PA 19605
  • Stello Foods, Inc.
    248 Pine Street, P. O. Box 413
    Punxsutawney, PA 15767
  • More on this page

Rhode Island

  • Blount Seafood Corporation
    383 Water Street
    Warren, RI 02885
    401-245-8800; Fax: 401-247-2391
    Products: Gravy, seafood, soups and sauces.
  • Hauser Choclolatier
    Contact: Rudi Hauser, Jr.
    59 Tom Harvey Road
    Westerly, RI 02891
    401-596-8866; 800-289-8783; Fax: 401-596-0020
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Kosher. Organic/Natural Sugar-Free Chocolate Bars, Truffles.

South Carolina

  • The Sweetery
    1814 East Greenville Street
    Anderson, SC 29621
    800-752-1188, 864-224-8394
    Products: Cakes, candies.



  • Azar Nut Company
    Contact: Kim Williams
    1800 Northwestern
    El Paso, TX 79912
    800-351-8178; 915-298-3091; Fax: 915-877-1186
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Kosher, Hard Candy, Mints, Nuts and Dried Fruits.
  • Heritage Family Specialty Foods
    Contact: Don Barnes
    901 Santerre Drive
    Grand Prairie, TX 75050
    800-648-2837; 972-660-6511; Fax: 972-249-0028
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Organic/Natural Baking Mixes, Full-line Condiments, Full-line Frozen, Other Sauces, Seasonings and Cooking enhancers, Full-line Spreads and Syrups.
  • The Ya-Hoo! Baking Company
    Contact: Geoff Crowley
    5302 Texoma Parkway
    Sherman, TX 75090
    800-575-9373; Fax: 903-893-5036
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Cakes/Pastries, Sugar-Free, Frozen Baked Goods, Frozen Desserts and Dessert Toppings.


  • Lehi Roller Mills
    Contact: Steve DeJohn
    833 East Main
    Lehi, UT 84043
    800-660-4346; 801-768-4401; Fax: 801-653-2334
    mail:[email protected];
    Products: Baking Mixes, Flour, Other Baking Mixes and Breakfast Cereals.


  • Freedom Foods LLC
    Contact: Catherine Bacon
    24 Pleasant Street, POBox 211
    Randolph, VT 05060-1185
    802-728-0070; Fax: 802-728-0071
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Gluten-Free, Full-line Baking Mixes and Ingredients, full-line condiments and snacks, Breakfast Cereals, full-line spreads and syrup.
  • Grafton Village Cheese
    Contact: Karen Gaudette-Becker
    PO Box 87
    Grafton, VT05146
    802-246-2221; Fax: 802-246-2210
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Other Lifestyle, Cheese, Hors d'oeuvres/Appetizers.
  • Olivia's Crouton Company, Inc.
    Contact: Francie Caccavo
    1423 North Street
    New Haven, VT 05472
    888-425-3080; 802-453-2222; Fax: 802-453-7722
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Organic/Natural Crackers, Other Baked Goods, Salad Dressing and Other Snacks


  • Pasta by Valente
    P. O. Box 2307
    Charlottesville, VA 22902
    888-575-7670; 434-971-3717; Fax: 434-971-1511
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Nut-free, Organic/Natural Vegetarian Pasta (dry).
  • The Virginia Diner, Inc.
    Contact: Scott Stephens
    322 West Main Street
    Wakefield, VA 23888
    888-VA-DINER; 757-899-6213; Fax: 757-899-2281
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Organic/Natural, Sugar Free Full-line Snacks, Nuts and Pretzels.

Washington State

  • Kasilof Fish Company
    3912 134th Street Northeast
    Marysville, WA 98271
    800-322-7552; 360-658-7552; Fax: 360-653-3560
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Kosher, Organic/Natural Hors d'oeuvres/Appetizers, Pate and Smoked Seafood.
  • San Gennaro Foods, Inc.
    Contact: Jerry Mascio
    19255 80th Avenue South
    Kent, WA 98032
    800-462-1916; 253-872-1900; Fax: 253-872-1919
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Gluten-free; Kosher, Organic/Natural Grains, Cereals and Pasta and Other Frozen.

West Virginia


  • Rural Route 1 Popcorn
    Contact: Sara Whitaker
    105 East Tama Street
    Livingston, WI 53554
    800-828-8115; 608-943-8283; Fax: 608-943-6438
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Other Chocolate and Popcorn.


  • Brickstone Fine Foods
    Contact: Guy Berthiaume
    2875 Labelle Blvd.
    Prevost, Quebec, J0R 1T0 Canada
    800-663-0416; 450-224-8221; Fax: 450-224-7943
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Condiments, tapenades, full-line oils, vinegar and spices.
  • Dainty Foods International
    Contact: Sherri Jones
    725 Broadway Boulevard
    Windsor, Ontario, N9C 3W5 Canada
    800-268-0222, 519-972-8888; Fax: 519-966-3298
    email: [email protected];
  • Punjab Milk Foods Inc.
    Contact: Gurpreet Arneja
    630846th Street
    Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 3A4, Canada
    604-594-9190; Fax: 604-594-9108
    email: [email protected];
    Product: Sugar-free, Other Oils, Cheese, Appetizers, Ethnic Sauces (soy, curry, etc.)
  • Shah Trading Company Ltd.
    Contact: Sanjeev Shah
    3451 McNicoll Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario, M1V2V3, Canada
    416-292-6927; Fax: 416-292-7932
    email: [email protected];
    Products: Rice, Beans, Spices, Nuts and Dried Fruit.

Other Resources

If you still can't find a suitable co-packer for your product,see this organization:

Where can I find more information about canning?
  For 150 specific, simple recipes with step-by-step directions and photos; and general information on canning and food preservation, see this page.