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How to Make Your Own Ellijay Apple Bread

Ellijay apple bread, cake-typeHow to Make "Ellijay Apple Bread" at HomeEllijay apple bread, yeast type!

Blake's homemade Ellijay Apple Bread

OK, no one in Ellijay would spill the beans (or apples...) and give me their recipe for Ellijay apple bread.  No matter.. as a former chef, I was determined to reverse-engineer the recipe.  And I have!

Following this recipe, you will make bread that tastes just like the Ellijay apple bread... without the long drive at today's gas prices to get it! (why don't they sell it in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Charlotte and other Southern cities?)

After tasting and testing a dozen loaves of apple bread last weekend in Ellijay, I discovered that there are two main types: yeast and quick,  The yeast type uses yeast to raise the dough; the quick type uses baking powder. The consensus among my group of tasters is that the yeast variety is substantially better!

The quick types are definitely faster and easier to make, but most people do prefer the yeast types.  It's up to you to choose!

Plus, on both recipes, I've eliminated the trans-fats and much of the other fat I saw listed on the ingredients on the packages of Ellijay Apple breads that I tasted, so this version ought to be healthier than anything you can buy, but still taste the same!

Let me know which you like and any tips and tricks you learn and I'll share them here! I keep tweaking and improving the recipe each time I make, so it always gets a little better.  But the version below is better than any I've had in Ellijay!

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  • A visitor writes on September 22, 2013: "I wanted to thank you so much for creating this page! I've never seen so many amazing recipes in one place, and you clearly explain all the steps and possible changes that can be made. I live in Kennesaw, GA and recently went up to Elijay, GA with my girlfriend to get the first apples of the season. Picked up about 15lbs of apples and was looking for recipes. I had tried some apple bread up there, but couldn't find any good recipes for it online. Then I stumbled across your site and used this recipe. The bread turned out DELICIOUS. Thank you again for having this site!"