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What's in season in June 2024, and other timely information:

Want to know when various fruits and vegetables ripen in Washington State?  just look below, then find a farm in your area to go pick your own!

We also have a page with links to our own simple instructions on canning, freezing and drying  many fruits and vegetables, such as  how to make jam, apple butter, applesauce, spaghetti sauce, salsa, pickles, ketchup or freezing corn .

These charts cover Washington State. The earlier dates are more applicable to southwest Washington and the later dates for more northerly or colder areas. Of course, weather changes, season variations, variety of a crop planted and other factors profoundly affect the dates, so this is a general guide only.

Washington State Typical Crop Ripening Dates / Harvest Calendar

  April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov
Apricots       X X      
Blackberries         X X    
Blueberries       X X X    
Boysenberries       X X      
Cherries     X X X      
Currants     X X X      
Figs         X X X  
Gooseberries       X X      
Loganberries       X X      
Marionberries       X X      
Melons         X X X  
Nectarines         X X    
Peaches         X X    
Pears           X X  
Plums           X X  
Quince             X  
Raspberries     X X X      
Raspberries, Fall         X X X  
Rhubarb X X X          
Strawberries     X X        
Strawberries, Everbearing     X X X X    
Tayberries     X X        


  June July August September October
Beans, Green   mid July X X  
Beets   mid July X X mid-Oct
Carrots       mid-Sept X
Cauliflower   late July X X  
Corn, sweet   mid July X X mid-Oct
Cucumbers   X mid-Sept  
Dill     X mid-Sept  
Garlic     X X mid-Oct
Green Peppers     mid-August X  
Gourds       X X
Lettuce, Leaf & Head X X X mid-Sept  
Onions (Walla Walla)   mid July mid-August    
Peas   X mid-August    
Pumpkins       mid-Sept X
Squash, Winter       mid-Sept X
Squash, Summer   X X X  
Tomatoes     X X X
Zucchini X X X X  


The following pear harvest chart should cover western Washington. Choose the earlier date for southwest Washington and the later date for more northerly or colder areas.

  • Aurora August 19 - September 9
  • Clapp Favorite August 20 - September 1
  • Bennett August 22 - September 3
  • Bartlett August 25 - September 5
  • Rescue August 25 - September 10
  • Orcas August 28 - September 15
  • Sirrine September 4 - September 12
  • Flemish Beauty September 10 - September 26
  • Comice September 19 - October 9
  • Seckel September 25 - October 9
  • Highland September 25 - October 12
  • Anjou September 25-October 15
  • Bosc September 25-October 15
  • El Dorad October 1 - October 21
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