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Looking for a local, pick-your-own farm in Sweden?  Scroll down this page and you will see the U-Pick farms in Sweden, sorted by county. Those that offer organic or sustainably grown produce are identified by the words "organic" and/or "sustainable" in Green, next to their name  (see "What does Organic mean?"). The U-pick crops they offer follow the name of the farm. To search the page for a specific crop, use Ctrl-F (or on an ipad or Mac, use their "search on this page" function) If they have a website, the name will be in blue and underlined; click on it and it will open their website. Since 2002, I've continued to make updates daily (each farm as changes are reported, or I find them). See the customer and farmer menus at the top menu bar to submit updates and corrections and help me keep each current and add any I've missed!

Remember to always check with the farm's own website or facebook page before you go - or call or email them if they don't have a website or Facebook page. Conditions at the farms and crops can change literally overnight, so if you want to avoid a wasted trip out there - check with the farm directly before you go! And if you know of any farms I missed and want to add a farm, please let me know!   I'm making updates for this year as fast as I can - if you find anything out-of-date, wrong or not working - please let me know!

What's in season in January 2023, and other timely information:

Notes for January 2023: Not much growing outside at this time of year. But this is a good time to learn how to preserve foods ahead of the season. See our comprehensive list of easy home canning, jam and jelly making, preserving, drying and freezing directions. You can access recipes and other resources from the drop down menus at the top of the page or the site search. It is also a great time of year and easy to make your own ice cream, even gelato, or low fat or low sugar ice cream - see this page. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write me!

Sweden U-Pick Farms and Orchards, by area

In addition to crops commonly found on grocery store shelves, Sweden has places to pick Sweden's native crops.  Swedish law allows any person to walk any forest, meadow or field to pick berries, mushrooms or flowers for own use as long as no trees or bushes are cut down and no branches are broken.

 Lingonberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) wqhich are related to Swedish blueberries. Found in Swedish forests growing on low, evergreen shrubs. Lingonberry jam  ("lingonsylt") is the most popular product made, but there is also wine and liquor.

Swedish Blueberries ("Vaccinium myrtillus, aka, Blåbär") - Related to American blueberries and English bilberries, Swedish blueberries are bit less sweet and more tart. The bush is native and common across Sweden, with light green leaves and a height of about 20 cm to 50 cm high. The berries usually ripen in late July and August. It is usually used eaten fresh with sugar, and used to make pie, jam, jelly, marmalade, wine, soup, and tea,

Sweden Harvest Calendar

  • Strawberries
    Typically from early June till July. Most roundabouts and junctions have self picking boxes for strawberries and other berries.
  • Blueberries
    Typically from Mid-July till August
  • Raspberries
    Typically from Mid-July till August
  • Lingonberries
    Typically from Late July till September
  • Gooseberries
    Typically from Late July till September
  • Black/ Red currants
    Typically from Late July till September
  • Cloudberries
    Typically from August till September


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