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Schweitz Selber Pflücken - Pick Your Own Farms in Switzerland

Schweitzer Selberpflücken Plantagen und Pflückfelder 

Sorted by region, language and Canton

French Speaking Cantons


  • Domaine de l'Orcy - apples
    Chemin de l'Orcy 20, 1239 Collex-Bossy, GE. Phone: 079 449 10 12. Fax: 022 774 15 06. Email: Open: Mo-Su 9:30am-11:30 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm (from September to March) or by appointment, apple self-picking
    Jams, Eaux-de-vie, Juices, Apple juice, Honey, Wines, Labeled products. Click here for a map. (UPDATED: September 24, 2016, JBS)
  • Ferme Courtois - apples, pumpkins
    Rte de la Branvaude 13, 1290 Versoix, GE, Schweitz.. Phone: 022 755 43 16. Email: Open: In season, until the apples are gone on weekends 10-17h and Wednesdays 13h30-17h30. They have different varieties that ripen at different stages throughout the season (from now through November).
  • La Fraisière Feuillasse - apples
    10, rte H.-C. Forestière, 1217 Meyrin, GE, Schweitz.. Phone: 022 782 90 58.
  • Ferme de Merlinge - apples
    85, rte de Gy, 1251 Gy, GE, Schweitz.. Phone: 022 759 18 73.  Jean-Jacques and Therèse Chollet.

Jura JU Delemont

Neuchâtel NE Neuchâtel

Vaud VD Lausanne

  • Les Fraises de Bussy - apples, strawberries
    1136 Bussy-Chardonnay, VD, Schweitz.. Phone: 078 924 14 66. Email: Open: Monday to Saturday 8h30-19h. Stephane Kläfiger.
  • Les Vergers d'Aigle and Yvorne - apples, cherries, prunes, plumes, raspberries, Josta berries, black currants,
    Bertrand & Martine Cheseaux, Route d'Evian 32, 1860 Aigle, VD, Switzerland. Phone: +41 (24) 466 35 83. Email: Open: From June, you can come in our orchards pick your own fruit in season; In June: 10 cherry varieties; In June & July: 4 varieties of raspberries, of Raisinets (3 colors), blackcurrant, of Josta berries. Schedule June-July: Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 11:30. Opening depending on the ripeness of fruit, check the schedule in the " INFO-AUTO PICK "on their website. In September: prunes Fellenberg and soon two varieties of plums, including Greengage; In September & October apples of our main varieties. Fall schedule: Tuesday and Wednesday from 15:00 to 18:00, From Thursday to Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00, Except in case of rain.
  • Famille Borboën - apples, strawberries
    Route de Denges, 1026 DENGES, VD, Schweitz.. Phone: 021 801 99 47. Alternate phone: 021 801 15 81. Open: Wednesday to Saturday 9h-11h30 and 13h30-17h, Sunday 9h-11h30
  • Famille Wyss - apples
    Chemin Es-Gogande
    1272 GENOLIER, VD, Schweitz.. Phone: 022 366 04 04. Open: 8h30-11h and 13h-18h weekdays, and Wednesday and Saturday 8h30-18h.Fr. 5.-/kg for strawberries.
  • Denis et Samuel Pache - apples
    Le Taulard, Chemin du Boulard 1, 1032 ROMANEL-SUR-LAUSANNE, VD, Schweitz.. Phone: 079 240 78 36.


French and German Speaking Cantons

Bern BE Bern

Fribourg FR Fribourg

Valais VS Sion


German Speaking Cantons

Aargau AG Aarau

Appenzell Ausserrhoden AR Herisau

Appenzell Innerrhoden AI Appenzell

Basel-Landschaft BL Liestal

Basel-Stadt BS Basel

Glarus GL Glarus

Luzern LU Lucerne

Nidwalden NW Stans

Obwalden OW Sarnen

Schaffhausen SH Schaffhausen

Schwyz SZ Schwyz

Solothurn SO Solothurn

St. Gallen SG St. Gallen

Thurgau TG Frauenfeld

Uri UR Altdorf

Zug ZG Zug

Zürich ZH Zürich

  • Agro Service GmbH - Strawberries
    Birmensdorferstrasse 170, 8902 Urdorf, Switzerland. Phone: 044 491 60 42. Fax: 044 400 52 25. Mobile: 079 634 43 82. Email: Open: from late May to early July, Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 6 pm; Sunday opening times according to harvest phone; 044/400 52 26 or on Facebook. The best thing about our strawberries - are our pick your own strawberries! The strawberry paradise is centrally located immediately adjacent to the public parking Zwischenbächen (Chilbi Place) in Urdorf. The field is also well connected to the public transport (bus stop "Spitzacker"). Of course we are pleased to offer our serviced booth also already picked strawberries in 250g- and 500g trays. We also offer pick strawberry and vegetable fields, Flower Fields at 16 different locations and for cut-your-own flowers. Christmas tree sales at 13 locations near you.
  • Family Kuchler - raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, picked or pick for yourself, school tours
    Ried Holzhof, 122 Riedholz Street, 8052 Zurich, ZH, Schweitz. Phone 044 301 42 58. Fax 044 301 42 93. Email Open: off season Tuesday and Friday: - 13:30 18:30 14:00 - 9.00 Sat Beer season daily opened. Buffalo Beef, Buffalo Calf meat, veal, pork, Smoked meats and dried meats,  Jams and syrups,  Dairy products: yogurt, buffalo milk yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, buffalo Camembert, buffalo raw milk etc., flour, seasonal vegetables, wine, eggs, fruit. Milk from Stable Daily: 16:45 to 17:15 School farm barn visits.
  • Jucker Farm Seegräben - apples, cherries,
    Jucker Farm AG, Dorfstrasse 23, 8607 Seegräben, CH, Schweitz. Phone: +41 44 934 34 84. Email: Open: PYO on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday in season; Farm Restaurant  is open May to October, Daily 8.00am to 10.00pm from November to April; Sunday to Wednesday 8.00am - 6.00pm; Thursday to Saturday 8.00am - 10.00pm and the Farm shop is May to October, Daily 9.00am - 10.00pm, November to April, Daily 9.00am - 6.00pm. Farm Adventure by the Pfäffikersee Lake. Not only fruit and vegetables grow on the Jucker Farm - it's a place of adventure for families to enjoy.  Children can really let off steam on a visit to the Jucker Farm. Whether climbing on a castle made of bales of hay, fun and games on a natural playground or feeding goats in the "Geisslipark". And when the apples are ripe you can pick one freshly from a tree as you make your way through an exciting maze - as well as pick your own cherries and berries according to season. Moreover, tasty seasonal treats from the farm shop and farm restaurant please young and old alike. Freshly grown asparagus in spring and a pumpkin exhibition in autumn are further attractions and definitely annual highlights.


Italian Cantons

Graubünden GR Chur German, Romansh, Italian

Ticino TI Bellinzona Italian

  • Map of SwitzerlandMap of Switzerland

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