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Malaysia U-Pick Farms and Orchards in 2023


Most of the Cameron Highlands strawberry farms are located in Brinchang, which is close to the mossy forest on Gunung Brinchang. The prices are typically around RM30 to RM40 for 2 people to pick 0.5kg of strawberries.

  • 7 Strawberry Farm - strawberries
    156, 59, Kampung Tringkap, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang. Phone: 6012-350 7843. Open: 8am to 7:30pm.
  • Big Red Strawberry Farm - hydroponic, strawberries, flowers, vegetables, cacti
    Brinchang, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang. Phone: 605-491 3327. Open: On most days, 8:30am to 6pm. On Sunday, 9am to 6pm. Go early, it is less crowded in the mornings.
  • EQ Strawberry Farm - organic, strawberries, homemade strawberry ice cream, jam
    No. 78, Jalan Kuari, 39100 Brinchang, Pahang. Phone: 6013-524 7225.Open: 8:30am to 6pm. 
  • Healthy Strawberry Farm Brinchang, Pahang - strawberries, flowers
    Jalan Rumah Persekutuan, Cameron Highland, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang. Phone: 605-491 1724. Open: 7:30am to 7:30pm.
  • Highlands Apiary Farm, Bee Farm and Strawberries -  - strawberries
    Jalan BOH, Tanah Rata, 39000 Ringlet, Pahang. Open: 9am to 6pm. They have free parking and admission.
  • Kasimanis Strawberry Farm - strawberries, flowers, cacti
    Brinchang, Pahang. Phone: 6010-386 7074. Open: 8:30am to 6:30pm. They also have strawberry ice cream.
  • Kok Lim Strawberry Farm - strawberries, vegetables, rabbits to pet
    UT/MR F-255, Cameron Highland, 39100 Brinchang, Pahang. Phone: 6017-507 4305. Open: 8:30am to 6pm.
  • Raju's Hill Strawberry Farm - strawberries
    Brinchang, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang. Phone: 6019-575 3867. Open: 8am to 6:30pm. It is said their prices are high.
  • YZ Strawberry Farm (aka, YZ Agro Farm & CafĂ©) - strawberries
    No.22, Kampung Taman Sedia, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang. Phone: 6013-613 1315. Open: 8:30am to 5:30pm (Closed on Tuesdays).
    Remarks: Really crowded in holiday season; Limited parking.

Picking Tips

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Other Local Farm Products (Honey, Horses, Milk, Meat, Eggs, Etc.)
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Illustrated Canning, Freezing, Jam Instructions and Recipes

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